New Beginning – 新しい道のり

Hello everyone!

When I graduated from my Masters degree, I assumed that I was going to follow the steps of many other singers, auditioning for young artist programs, singing for free, etc.  My immigration status restricted me from many things and I had to be very creative with my career.  In order to be able to stay in the country, I had to have a full time job in the field I studied in.  Luckily, I was able to find a job at New England Conservatory and stayed there for couple of years.  During that time, I discovered my passion for arts administration.  Since then, I have been immersed in the field.  I also continue to teach, which I started during my undergrad.  I realized that I couldn’t sum up who I am by saying that I am a singer.  I am an arts administrator, singer, and a teacher.  I already had a website for my singing, but decided to get rid of that and re-open another website which represents me more accurately.  So here I am!

I am new to wordpress, but am learning slowly.  I hope to be able to blog more often 🙂

With love, Meena




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