First Concert of the Year – 今年初めてのコンサート

I just performed my first concert of the year on January 2nd, 2012 at Kaji Aso Studio in Boston.  It was a special concert for me, because I was able to perform alongside my father.  My father, who is an Indian living in Japan, started studying Japanese folk music couple of years ago.  He loves this type of music because of the similarity it has to Indian music, musically and emotionally.  He sings it well too!  Since I perform mostly Western classical music, I rarely have the opportunity to perform with my father, but this time it worked out very well.

The music performed at this concert were mostly Japanese music.  My father performed some old Japanese folk songs as well as one Indian song, and I performed Japanese art songs accompanied by the lovely Linda Papatopoli.  Linda and I started a project recently, to create an anthology of Japanese art songs, and this performance was the first sneak peek into what we are working on!  You can see the sets of songs we performed here.  It is so interesting how much you can find out about a culture through their music…

This was such a great way to start the new year, hopefully filled with music.


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