Parents who want their child to sound like Charlotte Church and Jackie Evancho, please read this:

I also agree with many people who commented on this blog, that voice lessons could be beneficial for children as long as they work on age appropriate material.

When I worked for the prep. school, I saw a lot of children there that were extremely talented but unhappy.  They practiced all the time (usually forced by their parents) and played concerts and competitions all the time.  They weren’t acting like a child, although they were only 10 years old.  I wondered what kind of adult life they would lead.

I think children learn a lot from taking musical lessons and classes.  They learn/acquire discipline, how to collaborate, creativity, self-confidence, ways to express themselves, just to mention a few.  But to push them to the point that they don’t lead a “normal” childhood…  I am not sure if I want that for my children.


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