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Busy Life

These days, everyone is so busy.  Overwhelmingly busy and easily burnt out.  I feel the same way right now, barely hanging in there.  But there has been loads of exciting things happening at the same time.  I guess that is what keeps me going.

Youth Making Music Together successfully finished its pilot program on February 6th.  We finished the program with a certificate ceremony, where each student received a certificate.  We sang a song together as a group at the end.  We are currently in the process of evaluating our experiences and making improvements, so that we can start up as a full year program in September 2012.  It has been an exciting endeavor – definitely a learning process.  No matter how difficult it was at times, the thought of making a difference in these kid’s lives kept me going.

Here are some photos from the christmas concert!

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My husband created this video after his travel to Kanaima, Venezuela.  He taught music to indigenous children in Kanaima for one week and had an extraordinary experience, and wanted to share his experience.  It is such an inspiring story of how one lady single handedly started this musical program in the wilderness to change the indigenous children’s lives through the power of classical music.  They have such limited resources, yet they are so passionate and willing to learn anything they can get.  If you have time, please watch and feel free to share it amongst your friends!

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