Goat Rodeo Sessions

When I heard that my favorite musician Chris Thile was collaborating with Yo-Yo Ma, I was so ecstatic.  Yo-Yo Ma is known for playing different types of music other than classical music, and Chris Thile is also known for his versatility.  They are both experts in their field, but not afraid to experiment outside their comfort zone.  Oh and of course, we cannot forget the wonderful Edgar Meyer and Stuart Duncan.  As you can imagine, this band is pretty hard core.

The Goat Rodeo Sessions came out with their first CD in January and then followed the CD release with two amazing shows at the House of Blues.  I was able to attend one of the sold out House of Blues shows.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!  If you have not heard them, take a look at this video below, you won’t be sorry.

During the show, Yo-Yo played the cello, Chris played the mandolin, violin, guitar, and sang couple of the tracks, Stuart played the fiddle, banjo, and mandolin, Edgar played the bass and piano.  A female vocalist, Aoife O’Donovan joined Chris on the vocals for the two songs.  She is actually a graduate of New England Conservatory, but she graduated a year before I came, so I missed her.  She was lovely – her voice is sweet but with a lot of soul.  The style of music is mostly bluegrass, but not stuck in the style – lot’s of possibility for the future!

How wonderful to see such a successful collaboration between musicians from different genres.  I think it helps to bring the music world closer to each other, because sometimes I feel that there are too many walls between the different styles and genres.  Yay!


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