Punch Brothers

As I have mentioned before, Chris Thile is one of my favorite musicians.  He is such a skilled mandolin player but also has great song writing skills.  Oh and he sings well too.  I heard the Punch Brothers (the band that Chris is a part of) a while ago when the Julian Lage Group (band my husband is in) opened for them at a show in Brooklyn.  I have been listening to their stuff ever since.  Each of the members are super talented and the songs are great.  If you have not heard them, PLEASE DO!!

They performed in Somerville Theatre last month during their tour promoting their new CD “Who’s Feeling Young Now?”  The seats we got were right behind huge stereos and we couldn’t see anything.  My husband went up to the staff at the theatre to ask if there were any other seats left for us to move to.  The staff was very kind and to our surprise, they moved us to the very front row, two seats right in front of the stage!  It was a little too close, but exciting at the same time.  I could see the intricacy of their playing from that distance and was reminded of how skilled they all are.

Wonderful Aoife O’Donovan opened for the Punch Brothers, which was lovely.  I was able to hear some of her true qualities which I couldn’t hear when she sang with the Goat Rodeo Sessions.

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