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Daily Music – 音楽ざんまい

Aristides held a recital couple of days ago at a local church in order to raise money for his cello.  It was a beautiful recital consisted of different types of music in collaboration with a wonderful pianist, Victor Cayres and an amazing clarinetist, Benito Meza.  I especially enjoyed the Grand Tango, which Aristides plays with so much soul and passion. It seems like a different piece every time he plays it – it keeps changing. It was so wonderful to see so many of his friends and supporters there too. We are so blessed to be surrounded by supportive friends.


From Aristides’ Recital

I attended “Make Music Harvard Square/Fête de la Musique” last weekend.  It is an annual music festival that is inspired by the “Fête de la Musique,” a street-music festival which started 28 years ago in Paris.  The “Fête de la Musique” is now celebrated, under many names, in more than 300 cities in 108 countries, from London to Beijing to Buenos Aires.  The principal string players of Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra performed that day at the main stage.  They played a string quartet by Mendelssohn and another piece by Tsintsadze arranged by our own cellist.  It was so nice to see people stopping by to enjoy classical music.  Many people requested that they want more of this on a regular basis.  It would be so nice if our daily lives were full of classical music!


Members of Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra playing at Harvard Square


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