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Daily Music – 音楽ざんまい

Aristides held a recital couple of days ago at a local church in order to raise money for his cello.  It was a beautiful recital consisted of different types of music in collaboration with a wonderful pianist, Victor Cayres and an amazing clarinetist, Benito Meza.  I especially enjoyed the Grand Tango, which Aristides plays with so much soul and passion. It seems like a different piece every time he plays it – it keeps changing. It was so wonderful to see so many of his friends and supporters there too. We are so blessed to be surrounded by supportive friends.


From Aristides’ Recital

I attended “Make Music Harvard Square/Fête de la Musique” last weekend.  It is an annual music festival that is inspired by the “Fête de la Musique,” a street-music festival which started 28 years ago in Paris.  The “Fête de la Musique” is now celebrated, under many names, in more than 300 cities in 108 countries, from London to Beijing to Buenos Aires.  The principal string players of Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra performed that day at the main stage.  They played a string quartet by Mendelssohn and another piece by Tsintsadze arranged by our own cellist.  It was so nice to see people stopping by to enjoy classical music.  Many people requested that they want more of this on a regular basis.  It would be so nice if our daily lives were full of classical music!


Members of Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra playing at Harvard Square


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Goat Rodeo Sessions

When I heard that my favorite musician Chris Thile was collaborating with Yo-Yo Ma, I was so ecstatic.  Yo-Yo Ma is known for playing different types of music other than classical music, and Chris Thile is also known for his versatility.  They are both experts in their field, but not afraid to experiment outside their comfort zone.  Oh and of course, we cannot forget the wonderful Edgar Meyer and Stuart Duncan.  As you can imagine, this band is pretty hard core.

The Goat Rodeo Sessions came out with their first CD in January and then followed the CD release with two amazing shows at the House of Blues.  I was able to attend one of the sold out House of Blues shows.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!  If you have not heard them, take a look at this video below, you won’t be sorry.

During the show, Yo-Yo played the cello, Chris played the mandolin, violin, guitar, and sang couple of the tracks, Stuart played the fiddle, banjo, and mandolin, Edgar played the bass and piano.  A female vocalist, Aoife O’Donovan joined Chris on the vocals for the two songs.  She is actually a graduate of New England Conservatory, but she graduated a year before I came, so I missed her.  She was lovely – her voice is sweet but with a lot of soul.  The style of music is mostly bluegrass, but not stuck in the style – lot’s of possibility for the future!

How wonderful to see such a successful collaboration between musicians from different genres.  I think it helps to bring the music world closer to each other, because sometimes I feel that there are too many walls between the different styles and genres.  Yay!

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Music-filled Days

What a blessing to live in Boston, a city full of musical events every day.  I had the pleasure of attending several amazing performances in the past month and a half and thought I would share my experience with you all!  Since end of January, I have attended the following shows:

  • Goat Rodeo Sessions at the House of Blues
  • Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra’s chamber music concert at Gregorian Rugs
  • Boston Lyric Opera’s The Lighthouse at the JFK Library & Museum
  • Juventas’ unMET at Oberon
  • The Punch Brothers at the Somerville Theatre
  • Boston Philharmonic Orchestra concert at Jordan Hall
  • Newpoli’s concert at the Beehive
  • Boston Opera Collaborartive’s La Boheme at MassArt
  • Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra’s Concerto Competition Winner’s Concert at Sanders Theatre
  • JP Dialogue’s “Three cellists walk into a bar…” at Taylor House

I will upload couple of separate entries talking about some of these amazing performances.  It is always so inspiring to see/hear other groups doing so many innovative and exciting things.  I always feel that I learn something new from the experiences.

It’s a lovely day in Boston – I hope everybody is enjoying it!

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Busy Life

These days, everyone is so busy.  Overwhelmingly busy and easily burnt out.  I feel the same way right now, barely hanging in there.  But there has been loads of exciting things happening at the same time.  I guess that is what keeps me going.

Youth Making Music Together successfully finished its pilot program on February 6th.  We finished the program with a certificate ceremony, where each student received a certificate.  We sang a song together as a group at the end.  We are currently in the process of evaluating our experiences and making improvements, so that we can start up as a full year program in September 2012.  It has been an exciting endeavor – definitely a learning process.  No matter how difficult it was at times, the thought of making a difference in these kid’s lives kept me going.

Here are some photos from the christmas concert!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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My husband created this video after his travel to Kanaima, Venezuela.  He taught music to indigenous children in Kanaima for one week and had an extraordinary experience, and wanted to share his experience.  It is such an inspiring story of how one lady single handedly started this musical program in the wilderness to change the indigenous children’s lives through the power of classical music.  They have such limited resources, yet they are so passionate and willing to learn anything they can get.  If you have time, please watch and feel free to share it amongst your friends!

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Sad News…

Opera Boston is closing down on January 1st, 2012.

It was a sudden news, shocking for many opera lovers and singers in Boston.  I am shocked too, I didn’t realize they were in such a bad situation.  Although, being in the industry, I knew that many organizations were having a hard time, including the organizations I work for myself.  The economic downfall has brought difficult times for the arts industry, unless directly related to education.

Thank you Opera Boston for all your wonderful, innovative shows.  We will miss you very much.

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