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My husband created this video after his travel to Kanaima, Venezuela.  He taught music to indigenous children in Kanaima for one week and had an extraordinary experience, and wanted to share his experience.  It is such an inspiring story of how one lady single handedly started this musical program in the wilderness to change the indigenous children’s lives through the power of classical music.  They have such limited resources, yet they are so passionate and willing to learn anything they can get.  If you have time, please watch and feel free to share it amongst your friends!


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Lost in Tokyo – ロストイントーキョー

Lost in Tokyo from Mark Bramley on Vimeo.

Beautiful video made of Tokyo scenery.

In such a big city, you do feel lost at times.  Not physically lost but emotionally lost.  Sometimes you feel so alone despite being around so many people.  Maybe you feel this way in every big city?



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JFK Library and Museum

Despite living in Boston since 2003, I had not visited the JFK Library and Museum.  It seems that I only visit these kind of places when somebody is visiting me from out of town.

What a great museum!  First of all, when you arrive in front of the building, you are amazed by the beauty of the ocean right behind the museum and the beautiful view of Boston across the water.  The building itself is modern and beautiful.  The architecture is so interesting, with lots of light coming into the building.  The information and historical material that they have at the museum are extensive, which are curated in a way that makes it easy for anybody to follow and understand.  I love that the museum uses so many different types of media; video footage from speeches and debates, photos, paintings, letters, gifts they received, replicas, Jacqueline’s clothing, etc.

Being from Japan, I didn’t know much about JFK and it was interesting to see how he was as a person and the decisions he made as the US president.  I am sure many people wished that he could have finished his term as president.  How sad to lose someone like that so early.  I didn’t know he wrote a pulitzer prize winning book (“Profiles in Courage”) and was such an intellectual.  You could tell from how he spoke that he was a serious man, always thinking of what would be best for the country.

The one thing that the museum left out was his playboy side…  I guess they wanted to show one side of him.  I would be interested in reading about him and his family more now!

It was also interesting for me to talk to my father who is visiting me right now about his impression of JFK.  During the time of his presidency, my father was already working for the United Nations and was stationed in Indonesia.  Since he didn’t have access to TVs then, he received his information from newspapers.  This visit to the museum was the first time for him to hear JFK!  I guess TV and internet changed the world so much – cannot imagine the days you received information only through the newspaper.

Definitely visit this museum if you are around:

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